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Custom Patch Notes

14th October, 2021 ()

Wishful 6 days ago
Don't even get me started about those Ogre stats on Al'ar, lord, I'm starting to consider playing yugioh if you make this game that unbalanced.
Murghlinwall (3.9)6 days ago
someone finally takes that shadow tag off of soul mirror! good riddance!
Kosmyc (3.5)6 days ago
idk I've recently been struggling against Alar/Ysiel Druid, definitely needs nerfs :reno:
TheFriendlyEnemy (3.8)6 days ago
You're supposed to nerf cards that are OVER-performing, not under-performing.
Poondaedalin (4)6 days ago
In what conceivable UNIVERSE is Leoroxx too strong rn?
Kosmyc (3.5)6 days ago
this has to be a troll account right?
Eli R (creator)6 days ago
and more...coming later!