Phyllis, Jauntiest Trader - Custom Hearthstone Card

Phyllis, Jauntiest Trader

6th August, 2022 ()

DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
and thanks, I'll figure sth out eventually
DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
That's the gist of it. I didn't pay attention to wording, write it however you want.
DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
"After you Trade, draw Trinket.
Battlecry: Shuffle all 3 Trinkets into your deck." on a 3 mana 4/3 if not lower and cheaper. That way, you can play it on its own to slightly improve your deck but also, if you can trade on the same turn, you can cycle trinkets until you get the one you want.
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
Yeah, feel free to share your preferred version of this card - and to use the Prism effect, I was quite proud of that one. I figure that the bad draws don't bother your deck TOO much, since you can just trade them away, and all of them are pretty strong cards - Silence particularly I've seen being quite strong in the current meta, though obviously Prism is massive value.
DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
Actually, I like Prism so much, that discount could be good on its own card. Really good effect, I might do something like that at some point (if you're ok with it)
DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
It's somewhat similar but also different
DustenStein (4.2)1 week ago
Hmm. A few likes and dislikes from me.
I very much like that you can get the Trinket you want by trading cards enough times. The dislike is that the Battlecry comete renoves this fun interaction. I like the power of the trinkets, especially Prism. I don't like that you can bulk up your deck with bad draws. Outside of Prism, your Trinkets aren't too benificial when drawn because they still are 1 mana cards. The Tradeable certainly helps but I'm not sure that's enough.

I have a suggestion that keeps the things I like but doesn't what I don't, although that changes the card quite a bit, would you like to hear it?
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
Honestly, I'd rather err on the side of weak, because I remember a meta where every deck never ran out of resources and games felt like an endless slog.
Shoemanband (4.2)1 week ago
Although this does offer a lot of potential value, this could feel too slow and expensive even for most control decks. This doesn't really draw 1 card per Mana, at best it's 1 card per 2 Mana because of the 5 Mana you need for the minion. To even beat Cornelius Roame, you would need to spend upwards of 8 Mana, but most classes already have access to card draw more efficient than either of them.

As for the Trinkets, Band and Dewdrops can be decent in a pinch, but they're not great to top deck which may happen if you trade a lot. Prism is a better top deck since it provides actual card draw on top of a discount.

If this were to see play, it would be because of the flexibility from the Discover and maybe shuffling a Prism or two into your deck. Otherwise, Control decks should have much better tools to draw cards or respond to the board.
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
Overall, a value card in neutral can't be too strong, and this has enough late-game potential to satisfy its cost/stat point.
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
Play it on any turn past curve and you can draw 1 card per mana and get insane value alongside OP cards - I'm very wary about putting a card with this much value potential in any class, since it risks being an autoinclude in every single controlling deck.
CakeIsGood (3.3)1 week ago
feels like you would never play it
maybe 4 mana 3/2?
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
Do what you must.
Murozondy (4)1 week ago
I steal the art with permission
MosnarNoedig (4) (creator)1 week ago
She can provide anything for the right price, as long as it's one of those three specific things.