Altruistic Chem-Bonding - Custom Hearthstone Card

Altruistic Chem-Bonding

14th January, 2022 ()

Wishful (3.9) (creator)4 days ago
Well it would just add a spell into your hand of deathrattle if there is double deathrattles going on. Casting Two of these in a turn would get you two.
Kapiork 5 days ago
@Kamina_Daryus Have you ever heard of...
DustenStein (4.2)5 days ago
d'you get two spells or one
DustenStein (4.2)5 days ago
how's it work with double Deathrattles
Kamina_Daryus 5 days ago
But its a rogue card so…
Ignitortube (4)6 days ago
9 mana summon an 8/8 Rattlegore
Wishful (3.9) (creator)6 days ago
Summon a dormant seed of Sherazin.
Murozondy (4.1)6 days ago
How does it work with Sherazin? :-
Wishful (3.9) (creator)6 days ago
Ye, of course it does.
CakeIsGood 6 days ago
Do the Deathrattle also triggere?
Wishful (3.9) (creator)6 days ago
"If I add todays concoction with my coffee, it works.. until the subjects explode.." -Notes from Chemist

Opinions? The two examples I shows are more or less what the spells you would get.