Tracer - Custom Hearthstone Card


13th October, 2021 ()

DustenStein (4.1) (creator)4 days ago
Oh, Hyper, sorry, I missed your comment. Above where you choose the card type (minion, spell, etc.) it says "TEST" in red letters. Then you can make mercenaries
Kosmyc (3.5)6 days ago
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make a chromie or tracer merc
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
I-is there an OW merc tourney?
Kosmyc (3.5)6 days ago
I see you are trying the tourney lol
Hyper_X 6 days ago
how to make mercenaries
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
I played for a couple hours, got a whole team lv 30. Now I'm stuck on both Lich King's Diablo's Tasks because of a dumb bug
Wishful 6 days ago
Well, I commend you trying it out first lol!

I have no idea how to balance a mercenary so I'm just going to give it like a few weeks of me testing it out to even bother rating these cards.

I guess uh.. Cavalries here..? :annoy-o-tron:
DustenStein (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
Now that merc' is out, I thought I'd try to make one. Since Diablo is represented, I thought Overwatch is not so far fetched. Haven't played OW in many many years so I had to research what her abilities were which was funny
The art of the guns is missing but honestly, I don't dare to look for a replacement. I dug through so much shit to get that art you guys T^T