Somniant Wanderer - Custom Hearthstone Card

Somniant Wanderer

27th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by MosnarNoedig ()

Turba 10 months ago
Even tho i am against connecting too much of this archetype to both Warlock and Druid, i think this is an example of a good card for both. And i absolutely agree with DustenStein about the wording.
Deloa 10 months ago
@MayonezReyiz : it's supposed to come with a lot of cards that care about destroyed Mana Crystals (Nightmare Druid). Honestly, most of the cards for this archetype are awful, but it's kinda cute.
MayonezReyiz 10 months ago
this is so underpowered it destroys 2 mana crystals over 2 turns which also disables your heropower.. it is only 3 mana 5/5 not 1 mana 6/6
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
The wording is weird but fine. "Make your hero power "Bleeding Souls" for 2 turns" would have been clearer. "Gain" is weird
MosnarNoedig (creator)10 months ago
More Nightmare Druidlock, now with a new mechanic - Bleeding Soul!