Just A Thing - Custom Hearthstone Card

Just A Thing

25th December, 2020 (RR)

Made by ironwarrior79

Gothe (4.2)7 months ago
oooooh. okay. i mean, I think the concept of giving your other constellations new, minor effects, is pretty cool.
like you can play warrior to give a minion +1/+1. Then later play Waterbearer to restore 3 Health AND give +1/+1.

But that's just my take. It's your card.
ironwarrior79 (3.6) (creator)7 months ago
I knew I worded them wrong, i was going for that the ones that deal damage get the 2 more damage and all others are unaffected.
Gothe (4.2)7 months ago
aw. thanks @Cosmic14.

to touch on the cards themselves, i like the concept of giving your cards additional effects. but thereare some problems with them If you play Ranger, making all your constellations deal 2 damage that game, and then play Waterbearer, then you restore 3 Health and deal 2 damage to the same target.
It's a really cool concept, but I think i'd be infinitely improved if you got rid of Ranger (and any other targeted damage). Death is fine since it specifies the damage is always randomly split among enemies.
Cosmic14 (4)7 months ago
Well, @Gothe, your cards are really inspiring.
Gothe (4.2)7 months ago
i'm happy i seem to be inspiring a lot of cards today lol. feels good.
D17381 7 months ago
I like the mtg art
JMAP94 7 months ago
I like this idea, but i would change one thing about them.

I would make the targets random (buffs on random friendlies, damage on random enemies), and then have the cards reactivate whne you play the consteallation.

Because right now, the way they are, if you play a damaging constellation, you could also buff the minion you're trying to damage the way they're worded.
Mzop (3.9)7 months ago
ironwarrior79 (3.6) (creator)7 months ago
As is stated I have run out of ideas for that expansion I am doing, so I might as well do something I actually have an idea with. These were partially inspired, obviously, by Gothe's Zodiac cards.