King Gordok - Custom Hearthstone Card

King Gordok

22nd August, 2020 (RR)

Made by King Kuba ()

King Kuba (4) (creator)11 months ago
Thank you all for appreciation! Anwsering your questions:
@Octotron 2000, MosnarNeoding
It's a board effect, not "wherever they are" or "this game" effect (which could be too strong with certain cards).
@Deloa, Anonymous318
0-10 Mana minion costs are displayed right here with the examples. Hearthstone has a fast mana curve where low cost minions become more useless over time, that's why in game we see 1/3 for 1 mana as overall good stats and 10 mana cards are not always flexible, so I was inspired by Deathwing to make them 12/12 as a good stat basis.
And yeah, any minion that's over 10 mana will be an 8/8, just like Giants
Check out Bouledfist Ogre's flavor text in game :reno:
@Mega-Pixel As it's a board effect, it's not that easy to do, but as u mentioned Al'Akir, Gordok could see some play in Evolve Shaman, bumping those random guys and Mogu Fleshshaper to Boulderfist tier
Octotron 2000 (4)11 months ago
If it said "Battlecry: ALL minions this game have good stats for their Costs!" I think it would still be impactful but more clear.

Love the idea btw.
Mega-Pixel (3.9)11 months ago
That card would make Al'Akir and Zilliax VERY good for their Costs
Turba 11 months ago
Can anyone explain what is up with the "Good stats for Cost" meme?
Deloa 11 months ago
Why is Shirvallah a 8/8 ? Because of Giants ?
Anonymous318 11 months ago
I love the idea.

Suggestion to make the effect consistent for all Mana costs. As is, the way 0 Mana, 10 Mana, and 10+ Mana minions are affected is different from all other minions.

Perhaps the effect could simply set the stats equal to (Cost) Attack and (Cost+1) Health? Could be extra humorous for 0 or 10 Cost minions since Ogre-fying a minion would clearly be a downgrade but since Gordok is an Ogre he sees it as an improvement.
MosnarNoedig 11 months ago
This should say 'this game.' Otherwise, the wording implies that it only affects minions in the battlefield. I know that reduces the 'impact' of the text, but this is very vague wording.
King Kuba (4) (creator)11 months ago
If you put memes aside and think about it, it's a really versatile Legendary both in aggresive and control decks, as well as in combos. Galakrond Warlock is a great mix, where Gordok could buff Imps to 1/3's, Zzeraku to 9/10 and your opponent's stuff could be always disrupted, while being great for its Cost at the same time! It's a great Libram Paladin counter, too! What about other old Charge minions? Can you find any OTK there? Share your thoughts!