Difficult Snowman - Custom Hearthstone Card

Difficult Snowman

6th August, 2022 (RR)

Made by Murozondy

Murozondy (creator)10 months ago
Very nice flavor, dear :qnikkoHi:
FriendlyShadow 10 months ago
" Forced to be Frozen. "
Murozondy (creator)10 months ago
TY! :annoy-o-tron:
Murozondy (creator)10 months ago
Synergy with Snowed In. Warrior received Frost spells during Alterac but had no supporting cards or cards that could create specific archetypes.
Deloa 10 months ago
Why is it Warrior ?
CakeIsGood 10 months ago
i see star wars i vote 5 stars.
Murozondy (creator)10 months ago
Cost decreased by 2 on the advice of @Nekkro. TY! :qnikkoHi: