Malfurion Felrage - Custom Hearthstone Card

Malfurion Felrage

1st September, 2020 (RR)

Made by Shoemanband

Caesar (4)3 months ago
Nice arts! And great Choose One effect, not sold on the hp.
I'm just wondering if combo dh would run this, it's totally insane *if* you manage to play it safely.
Also breaks with Celestial Allignment :thinking:
DryBowser (3.9)3 months ago
Vile Call
Shoemanband (4) (creator)10 months ago
Malfurion art by Jeff Lourenso.

Unnatural Sight art by Liz Reed.
Gokee 10 months ago
The hero power seems a bit unbalanced. Altruis the Outcast would become broken again. Love the flavor and art though.
Shoemanband (4) (creator)10 months ago
If you're running a lot of cheap stuff in your deck, you've probably played out your hand already before turn 7. You'd need to have a very cycle-heavy deck to use the cost reduction well, and while DH does have a lot of cycle, I don't think giving them that kind of swing potential is that problematic at turn 7.
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
Yeah. Playing this on turn 7 would still F the opponent up quite bad. Especially as DH. They'd be able to cheat out 2 to all of their cards when played in a cheaper deck. But yeah, I agree. The power in emerald glasses was in the early-game
Shoemanband (4) (creator)10 months ago
Emerald Glasses was really strong turn 1 since you cheat out stuff early, less so on later turns. Getting it on turn 7 means you can't really cheat anything out, it just allows you to play your cards more efficiently.
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
(I also like the name and the art. Unnatural Sight is really clever)
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
Remember Emerald glasses? The treasure? The one that was really good? Now imagine that and every card you draw costs 2 less the turn you draw it. Is 1 now too little, @Shoemanband? The Choose One is really cool though so I approve most of this
Shoemanband (4) (creator)10 months ago
I thought making them cost 1 less would be too little.
The Daninator 10 months ago
I like the concept and think it fits the flavor well. The hero power may be a bit too good tho
Shoemanband (4) (creator)10 months ago
Malfurion as a Demon Hunter. 'Nuf said.