Tarecgosa, Watcher of Coldarra - Custom Hearthstone Card

Tarecgosa, Watcher of Coldarra

20th September, 2021 (RR)

AndreaDef 3 weeks ago
I think its better than before
Kath 3 weeks ago
Is this better? Also I cant remove the first 'copy' of a card.
DustenStein (4.1)3 weeks ago
Unfortunately no. You can add and remove tokens from cards without completely remaking the first one. Sadly this one does not have any
Kath 3 weeks ago
Can I change stats without making a new card?
AndreaDef 3 weeks ago
if you are against an aggro deck and reach turn 8 means he failed, so you basically should have already won. If its a control vs control match up, then 8 mana 6/7 body is bad, your choice tho, maybe wait for someone else to comment this
Kath 3 weeks ago
I thought it would be op if it was 7/8 or 8/8
AndreaDef 3 weeks ago
Cool card but: Right now its all about aggro, so even in a Control Mage you basically summon an 8 mana 6/7 with no effect, lets make it 8 mana 8/8 still is a turn 8 with just a body on board. I'd lower cost to 6 and stats to 5 and give it Taunt. Should be ok then. If you want this to be a powerful dragon with a large cost, you can make it 8/8
Pandarious 3 weeks ago
Could probably have higher stats for its mana cost. Something like 7/8 or even 8/8 considering it's slow.
Murozondy 3 weeks ago
Nice effect! Currently no mage would play it but in a slower archetype it's cute.
Maybe I'd lower both cost and stats (like 6 3/4 or 3/3 mana).
In cases of powerful effects like this, it's better that they are cheap rather than having a big body.
Kath 3 weeks ago