Timestop Chromie - Custom Hearthstone Card

Timestop Chromie

15th September, 2021 (RR)

Made by Spacetime0419

blaze_s 3 days ago
5/5. Gives control a chance against tempo while still giving aggro the matchup advantage. Could be an 8 mana card but that's iffy cause what if you want to combo it on your own minions. Awesome.
Spacetime0419 (creator)6 days ago
Thanks Flash yeah it's not meant to be an auto include in everything. I wanted to create some sort of neutral, pseudo board "clear" that has enough of a drawback, in this case being really expensive, not actually killing the minions, and hitting the entire board instead of just the opponent. My only worry about this would be in Druid, as the ramp + this effect might be too strong for them, being that dealing with a big, wide board is supposed to be hard for them.
Flash33 6 days ago
I like it, it's like a temporary get out of jail free card assuming your foe isn't playing a spell heavy deck like spell hunter.
Spacetime0419 (creator)6 days ago
Yeah I figure, in my experience, the situation where any given player has 7 minions is rare enough that it is fine. Plus the existence of this is just something to play around!
Murozondy 6 days ago
Potentially stronger than Twisting Nether, if the opponent has 7 minions, then he is forced to only play spells for 2 turns, during which you can do whatever you want. Very nice this card!