Mind Eater - Custom Hearthstone Card

Mind Eater

13th October, 2021 (RR)

Made by Kingforever

Kapiork 6 days ago
Yeah, I've heard some creepy stuff about Tamsin's chapter.
Kosmyc (3.5)6 days ago
@kapiork it's from tasmin's book of mercenaries, super dark last encounter as far as child friendly hearthstone goes
Pandarious 6 days ago
I like it. Definitely a high prio target but I think it's fine considering there have been several cards printed that snowball if not removed.
Kingforever (4) (creator)6 days ago
@Wishful, thanks for feedback! @Kapiork, the art was published 14th September this year, so that's possible.
Kapiork 6 days ago
Was the art leaked from the miniset or what? 'Cause it looks so legit. :qnikkoWOW:
Wishful 6 days ago
Standard wise.. I can kind of see this being played in a weird warlock deck, but I will just set a ramification in front of this card.

Plot twist.

Granted it's a small thing and it's wild, but I really don't want people to have to hate on Warlock once more for getting boards that are impressively dumb.

Though warlock has way better consistent decks and just a big stat dump of a monster I doubt would change much, it's just good to let you know that certain effects like this one is an all around good minion for 3 mana.

(p.s. this is just my bias of not liking snowbally 3 mana cards that are easy to get going so I have to rate this a 2/5 right now).
Kingforever (4) (creator)6 days ago
Remade with 2/3 statline. Thoughts?