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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)3 years ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
noobking1 8 hours ago
you have to go to the old hc to do it.
Chegwin 8 hours ago
Is there a way to delete cards from one's gallery? If not, I think this would be a good feature to have.
DustenStein 12 hours ago
Click on the "gear" icon and select "Old HD Menu (Backgrounds)". You can go to old HeartCards here: http://www.hearthcards.net/index_old.php
DustenStein 12 hours ago
It's already a thing on old Hearthcards
CakeIsGood 16 hours ago
Like this?

JockysAlt 1 day ago
First of all let me say this 10 Year Anniversary update is a MASSIVE W! (Happy 10 years, Hearthcards!) My suggestion is to add an option for minions on board (just the circle with art, attack, and health. No "card".
DustenStein 1 day ago
noobking1 1 day ago
I guess, pandaria proxy goes on hiatus
DustenStein 1 day ago
Calphricham 1 day ago
I cannot seem to add cards to my custom sets or classes anymore. Does anyone else have this problem?
Murozondy 2 days ago
I know this, I said that now it is the gallery that is different, not that the queue no longer exists. Basically, the cards in the queue are also in the gallery, but I thought it was a new thing implemented by Nikko - also because in the new HC you can no longer promote the cards, am I wrong?
At this point, I'm not sure of anything anymore, so I'm waiting for answers from Nikko
DustenStein 2 days ago
@Murozondy, It's a bug bc the queue also exists separately
qwerty11111122 2 days ago
I may be blind, but could you add a back button to the top/side of the gallery back to the editor? I don't like scrolling all the way to the bottom to go back. Hope your move goes well!
Murozondy 2 days ago
I believe that the queue no longer exists as before, now all the cards in the queue also appear in the gallery, but I think it is intended, not a bug.

Rather, @Nikko, I know that with the problems you have the requests on this site are the least of your problems (rightly so), but anyway, I say here the thing that I really can't get used to; the palette does not work, not even in the old HC, in fact, now it is useless
Is there no way to restore it?
TheArcanist 2 days ago
Why do all of the queue cards show up in the gallery? Is this a bug?
1tab1tab 2 days ago
Is queue cards supposed to show up in the gallery, they do for me.
qwerty11111122 3 days ago
One more suggestion: Can you add "Previous Cards" in a dropdown menu in the import section? For example, I made the first card, moved onto another, and then realized I needed to change the gem.

qwerty11111122 3 days ago
I’m sure the dev of Hearthcards has a Trello board of features to put into the new UI, but I want to still critique this version, since making this card was only possible with the new UI.


I love the “Back to Editing” button. So many times I make a card, hit create and need to go back and fix it. Wonderful feature.

“Download the Card” downloads the card pre-named with the card name and date. Wonderful.

Putting the emblem, cost, card style, text size on the same page with fancy dropdowns and radio images is fantastic.

The dual class card option also looks much better and its great that we can preview it.

Speaking of preview, it’s great that the preview doesn’t require an additional button to load.

I look forward to the AI art section. I want to know more about it.

I also love that Hero Cards can now have their gem adjusted to something other than legendary, even though none have been put in the game yet, as seen in this card.

The favorite feature for emblems and the preloaded miniset emblems is fantastic. Hope it gets a good sorting function.


Weapons and Locations have the “Type” completely intangible. I liked playing with tribes even if weapons, locations and heros may never have that attribute in-game. I’d could have it look the same with the greying out, but still able to accept typing.

I liked using the Class section for coloring Hero Powers. I know they all have the same background, but when making a collage, it makes it easier to color code Heros/Classes to the respective Hero Power.

The font for the portrait tab is different than the other tabs…

Can we also import our custom cards by name? Or do we have to still use their id number?

Just know that I have spent a lot of time on your site and I hope that my contribution to ad revenue keeps you afloat, dev. Thank you, Nikko!
Sparkert 3 days ago
I can't find the generate permanent link button for my cards, is there an option to do that? That way I can add them to my custom class.
TheArcanist 4 days ago
The palette symbol doesn't seem to be working for the new card image format. Says that the images are too small.
CakeIsGood 4 days ago
Yae so same thing kinda happens to me on the phone
CakeIsGood 4 days ago

TheArcanist 4 days ago
Some cards are visually missing from the gallery for me (although they are still there if I click on them)

CakeIsGood 4 days ago
Gothe 4 days ago
@Nikko I think I encountered a bug(?). For the class & set creator it doesn't seem like we can add any new cards to custom classes or sets after the update. I think it's a bug.

And I know that those two features are low priority for you but well... some of us like to use them.
TheArcanist 4 days ago
All cards I made after the UI update appear lower on the gallery page, covering the name pad underneath. This might have something to do with them being higher resolution (?) than before. Would it be possible to fix this?
Arcanix 5 days ago
Looks like all custom (my) emblems have been removed. Will this be fixed? Or I should add them again?
Nikko (creator)5 days ago
@CakeIsGood, I can't do anything about user made classes. As far as I can tell a person who made it deleted it.
CakeIsGood 5 days ago
the first thing fixes itself because it’s getting voided but the other one you might wanna look on.