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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)3 years ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
DustenStein 6 days ago
Admittedly, art is weird. Try zooming in on something. If that doesn't work, Nikko can surely do something
Murozondy 6 days ago
That card is in the Void for "poor art quality and custom class"
Ignitortube 6 days ago
its this

DustenStein 6 days ago
can you attach it here?
Ignitortube 6 days ago
some of my cards aren't showing up in the gallery. One I know why it isn't showing up because dual type spells aren't a thing yet here, but the other I think might be a bug. This card should be fine.
sunbird1002 1 week ago
OH OOps, sorry, firefox works weird so I thought I didnt comment. Sorry for the repost
sunbird1002 1 week ago
Can we have multi-rune Death Knight cards (like a card that uses 2 blood and 1 frost rune?) I think these could be a thing and it would be cool to design in future.
Murozondy 1 week ago
Which wouldn't make much sense at that point. I imagine a legendary card that allows you to do things like this while deckbuilding, but I doubt we'll see a similar consistent mechanic in the future
DustenStein 1 week ago
So no, they're not the same as runeless cards
DustenStein 1 week ago
@Murozondy, A card with one Blood and one Unholy can only be run in decks that run one Blood and one Unholy
Murozondy 1 week ago
I assume you meant DK. However, I also venture to say that all other classes will receive a rune-like mechanic in the future

I don't think they'll do DK cards with mixed runes though. It wouldn't make sense, the sense of the runes is exactly that of discriminating between the 3 types of runes. If you want to make a card for all runes, make a DK card with no runes
DustenStein 1 week ago
Would be cool to have though
DustenStein 1 week ago
That would require some UI changing. I think Nikko will put that off until they get introduced
sunbird1002 1 week ago
I think multi-rune DH cards (like 1 blood, 1 unholy) will be a thing in the future. It might be cool to impliment them now.
DustenStein 1 week ago
It didn't enter the gallery and was removed
Flash33 1 week ago
Came back to see that my latest creation (Keyword: Burn) is no longer in the gallery or in My Cards, or are its existing tokens. Why is that?
MyNameDoesntMatters 1 week ago
Cards cannot be edited nowadays? i tried to import the id and at least i got the card text, but cannot get the image link
DustenStein 1 week ago
To the first thing: Yes
To the second: Cards need to have a certain minimum rating to get in. If they're below, they won't (which is good for you because your gallery will have more higher-rated cards )
MrPuzzles 1 week ago
Yeah, I'm looking at my own gallery now and I have a bunch of cards that have been voted the necessary number of times but fail to get into the gallery. 5/4's, 6/4's...

What's up with that?
MrPuzzles 1 week ago
Ah, so wholly custom frames/templates that we upload ourselves can't get in? Sucks, but I get it. Thanks for letting me know.
DustenStein 1 week ago
Cards added to the queue must be valid Hearthstone cards. That includes art, language and types.
Maybe, you can't add that card because you are using Health payment? You can still attach it to cards as a token if you want it to get in somehow.

Cards need to enter the gallery to stay around. If a card doesn't enter the gallery, it will disappear sometime later. I don't know why your cards didn't get in but that's at least the reason they didn't stick around
MrPuzzles 1 week ago
Two questions! I've submitted a few cards for the gallery queue, and even when they get voted, some don't end up for keeps. I even have a few that somehow got 5 votes out the necessary 4.

And also, I just made a card that for some reason I can't add to the gallery... I've attached it to the comment.

JohnnySilverhand 2 weeks ago
Russian gallery is gone? I click on the button but it opens the English one
Mzop 2 weeks ago
thats a bummer :(
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
Go to the class creator and you'll see
Murozondy 2 weeks ago
LordeKrull13 2 weeks ago
Please, don't close the classcreatorset!
BirdofBird 2 weeks ago
Hey @Nikko, for Mac on the new version of the site, card text is slightly bolder than it should be (this is the case on at least Safari and Chrome). If you could look into this at some point I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
Flash33 2 weeks ago
It seems that you can only make tri-class cards in old HC, and sometimes cards made in new HC don't always appear when added as tokens, or they do but then sometime later they stop being visible.

Also, artwork appears very zoomed in in new HC with no real way to zoom out other than using old HC. Finally it appears (at least for me) that you can't use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out in new HC, whereas you can in old HC.