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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic)

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)4 years ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
CakeIsGood 11 hours ago
Kapiork 11 hours ago
(:qnikkoWOW :) is gone from the emote menu
WesWrench55 2 days ago
@Nikko: I just noticed the Old HC website is no longer up, which means we can't upload our own card templates anymore.

Will there be any way to do that again?
Basic Nobody 1 week ago
I uploaded some cards and can not see them in queue. They don't show up when I search them either. They are only in "my cards." And before anyone asks they are published.
DustenStein 1 week ago
You can save them locally
Ubertrainer2000 1 week ago
But once that goes, where can we make custom sets and classes?
DustenStein 1 week ago
Before it is fully shut down, you will be able to locally download your sets and classes
DustenStein 1 week ago
the set creator was discontinued with old HC. Any features that still work only do because of a miracle
Ubertrainer2000 1 week ago
But Custom Classes won't let you make new sets anymore. What can be done?
Murozondy 2 weeks ago
Not true, just because of what I said. It is said that the users who see the cards in the home when you make a card are the same number as almost 2 days later. They could be more, like less, but it would still be a way to give some older cards a little more exposure. At worst, they'll be ignored, as you say, but they might be new if someone hasn't seen the queue or home before.

I know that wouldn't solve the problem, but it would be something.
I remember that on the old site, if you were missing for, let's say, a day from the site, when you returned, in the home page there were all the cards you had lost in the meantime. This is not the case in this new version - or at least, I happened to access the site after hours of inactivity, find some cards in the home page, and discover that other cards from the queue/gallery had been made in the same period of time.
Why some go home and others don't know, but it happened to me, I don't know if I'm the only one
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
I wish the gallery would start with "New" immediately because it is confusing to see unfinished and bad cards among the gallery
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
If cards weren't being voted on from the main page, they won't be voted on even after 2 days
After reading it again several times, I think @TheArcanist's issue is that when you enter the gallery, the queue and the gallery are first combined until you apply a filter. imo, that isn't great either
Murozondy 2 weeks ago
Actually, I really like this change, because it solves the "problem" of promoting cards or not, and the unfairness of that method.
I don't think the fact that your cards get less comments is related to this - I don't see the correlation actually - I just think there are fewer people commenting (apart from the usual ones) and voting overall, despite the new ones users who arrived here on the site.

Like Dusten said, more cards are coming in, so that might be why. The only solution is to check the gallery/queue more often, even pages older than a day. I had cards with 0 or 1 votes for over a day, but then, as soon as I wrote the comment "Thoughts?", bringing that old card back to the top of the comments, it received many votes in a short time, a sign that therefore it had not been seen at the beginning.

If I may allow myself a suggestion in this (@Nikko, more than anything else), perhaps it could be useful to re-propose the cards (a few hours before the 2 days of stay are about to "expire") on the home page.
I don't think it would fix it but it would give more visibility to those cards that get lost in the pile
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
That's the case because more cards are getting in unless you mean something else
TheArcanist 2 weeks ago
Gonna be honest here: I miss when the queue was separate from the main page. Like, what is the point of having cards enter the gallery if at the moment they do, there's an entire other page of cards covering them? I feel like since the change was made to this, I've been receiving much less feedback on my cards, since they generally get lost. Does anyone else feel like this?
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
Maybe you've been blocked? idk, that seems to be a new thing
Xaphania 2 weeks ago
Xaphania 2 weeks ago
I can't publish , when I do it the Put in the gallery >> button are red and this don't works .
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
Use old Hearthcards. Link in the discord pinned in chat
Ubertrainer2000 3 weeks ago
Now that Custom Classes isn't being used any more, how are we going to display our sets now?
Murozondy 3 weeks ago
Usually, just ask the interested parties. At least, it worked for me with one particular user, so I think if you tell users you don't like that, they won't have any interest in commenting on your cards anymore (although it makes me a little weird to hear that).

I mean, if you can't find a dialogue with them
DustenStein 3 weeks ago
I'd rather not have that because the comments are made for people to talk. If anything, like YouTube, I'd rather see fully disabled comments or completely open ones.
DustenStein 3 weeks ago
MrPuzzles 3 weeks ago
@Nikko: Can you add some kind of function to...I dunno, block certain users from commenting on your cards?

Some are downright toxic, some are very obnoxious, and some I just plain don't like. I've had to delete a few cards just because of corrosive comments.
Arcanix 3 weeks ago
I was looking for a way to delete, but it doesn't exist?
Ok, got it, no worries, thanks :)
DustenStein 3 weeks ago
Not yet but you can ask Nikko kindly and he might help out
Arcanix 3 weeks ago
Excuse me, how do remove custom emblems in the new version? It possible?
ironwarrior79 4 weeks ago
Never mind. It just took persistence.
ironwarrior79 4 weeks ago
I’ve accidentally put it to the Russian version on my pc and can’t change back. Any idea how to do that?