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3rd January, 2014 ( Basic) ()

Made by Nikko

Nikko (creator)3 years ago (sticked)
Want to thank everyone who donates and in other ways supports the site. You're the best!
Mzop 8 hours ago
true. also, did the amount of votes needed drop to 3?
CakeIsGood 18 hours ago
How can we now know who are clones and who arent
Mzop 1 day ago
i guess he's right, im not used to it lol
DustenStein 1 day ago
Yeah, Nikko removed them because he doesn't think they serve a purpose
Mzop 1 day ago
did the stars next to the creator disappear
Mzop 1 day ago
@Gothe but 50% of the time it does work when trying to make an already existing card :/
DustenStein 3 days ago
Although nevermind, I just made another version
DustenStein 3 days ago
Hey, Nikko, I deleted my Kalecgos from my gallery but it got in. Can you reattach it please?
Gothe 6 days ago
@Mzop, @RasmusVJS, If i remembor correctly, it's cuz the website knows it's an already existing card and strikes it from existence.
RasmusVJS 6 days ago
Happened to my Sleepy Dragon buff as well. Still in my personal gallery, but neither in que or the void.
Mzop 6 days ago
when i try making an already existing real card in hs into a battlegrounds card, half of the time it just... doesnt work? not in the void either. i could be missing something but idk.
FriendlyShadow 1 week ago
@Kapiork, call the local priest. THis thing is scary.
Kapiork 1 week ago
the card right above is missing, so i guess it moved down for some reason
Kapiork 1 week ago

Nikko (creator)2 weeks ago
@MonkeDrip#1456, average score of users top 5 cards made in last 100 days iirc.
MonkeDrip#1456 2 weeks ago
May I also report a small bug with this card. It's missing a few nuts and bolts here and there

MonkeDrip#1456 2 weeks ago
I'm wondering how the Top-Rated card makers works. I was on there last week, but I'm still average 4.1 yet there are 4.0 creators on there. Am I missing something? Of course my cards aren't worthy of that spot but it seemed strange
cashmera 2 weeks ago
MosnarNoedig 2 weeks ago
thank you so much
Nikko (creator)2 weeks ago
@MosnarNoedig, done and done.
MosnarNoedig 2 weeks ago
This card:
was voided for having a non-italicized parenthesis. In my opinion, that rule does more harm than good.
MosnarNoedig 2 weeks ago
@Nikko would it be possible to increase the character limit for image links? As it is, a lot of art links get cut off short of the .png at the end and thus require the tedious process of downloading and uploading.
Brightspear 2 weeks ago
it will auto voided with "custom tribe tag" reason
Mzop 3 weeks ago
ah indeed i just had that happen trying to type a heart
MorgenStern 3 weeks ago
I noticed that it's not possible to put a "less than" sign in text as everything that goes after cuts out. Idk if there's the same bug with the "more than" sign
DustenStein 4 weeks ago
Caesar 4 weeks ago
Do cards without creator never appear in the comments?
I commented on 2 of them in the queue and I don't see them
DustenStein 1 month ago
Cards are only auto-voided when you put them into the queue directly. Tokens or privately saved cards can ignore these limitations
CakeIsGood 1 month ago
But its still possible to maka a card like: Look under this card


but if you really want to you can make it as a token