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Bugs & Suggestions

3rd January, 2014 ( Basic)

Made by Nikko

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ImDaMisterL 1 week ago
Yeah, I meant those, sad
DustenStein 2 weeks ago
you mean MLK signatures? I think they're gone
ImDaMisterL 2 weeks ago
Is the old signature card style gone or am I just too silly to find it?
qwerty11111122 1 month ago
Can we add a copy of the "back" button to the top of the gallery? Edit: UI updates in the gallery are looking good!
Murozondy 1 month ago
what happened?
VITA_MORS 1 month ago
noobking1 1 month ago
DustenStein 1 month ago
Yay thank you Nikko
Nikko (creator)1 month ago
Card attachments for comments should work again. Sorry it took so long to fix.
'Card owner' also should be able to add cards from the comments to the main card area under 'User Submitted Cards'.
Neruka 1 month ago
Any chance we could get golden spells and or weapons ?
Murozondy 2 months ago
My Val'kyr Watchguardian card was deleted for no reason. the graphics are in perfect HS style and have no NSFW content. Are cards really being eliminated now because they have a tiny portion of the image occupied by writing? (the name of the artist of the art, in this specific case). Seriously, am I the only one who finds this ridiculous? We are reaching worrying levels of idiocy.
CakeIsGood 2 months ago
Buffs/nerfs are not custom cards
qwerty11111122 2 months ago
Can we get that red and green overlay for buffs and nerfs for when we do custom re-balances?

Maybe also a notification field for our accounts?
[deleted]2 months ago
This comment was deleted.
DustenStein 3 months ago
Only some images don't work. To check if it really doesn't work or is just a special case, copy the image link for "Bugs & Suggestions", this card, and try using it
Flash33 3 months ago
Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing the bug where pictures don't show up when using URLs for them? They appear fine when I use Choose File for them but not for URL.
Turba 3 months ago
They just appear in my profile but not gallery/queue
Nikko (creator)3 months ago
What happens when you try to post them?
Turba 3 months ago
It seems my cards dont go to queue. I am not talking about monk cards as those are supposed to be auto voided. Any ideas how to fix it? Or am i banned or something lol?
Turba 3 months ago
I give a lot of 1 stars but give feedback for repost usually suggesting changes for repost (i dont want the unchanged version anywhere close permanent gallery). Sometimes for cards with inflated ratings like 4.7 and imo deserving 3.7 at best looking at how they are designed (those usually have 0 comments and can be found in best of month)
Zairkai 3 months ago
Do we know who keeps giving everything 1star?
[deleted]3 months ago
This comment was deleted.
DustenStein 3 months ago
I'm not denying the problem my dude. Given the frequent complaints, I believe you. I just think the solution you proposed would create more issues than it solves
Temmie 3 months ago
@DustenStein, I'm not just talking about my cards. If there was only a problem with mine, one could say that I really create crappy cards. But, I looked at the cards of other users, their scores also dropped sharply to almost 1-2, although earlier it was normal and the cards were not so bad and people came out. And many newborn cards have a score of 1.0-1.5.
DustenStein 3 months ago
It's just better to address the issue directly by removing spammed votes. No need to limit each card to only a few ratings. idk how it is over on the Russian side but I wouldn't be surprised if your cards get even fewer total votes than over here
Temmie 3 months ago
Temmie 3 months ago
if we do not add this function, we will continue to attack from unknowns that give 1 star to ALL cards 2. Although a couple of days ago there were 3-4 stars). So at least it would be possible to find out who puts cola. And it would be more pleasant to evaluate, because you rate and write a mini-criticism. The author sees that you put others too, they can agree with your opinion or reject it. I think reviews would still be a good addition.
VITO and others have already addressed here about this more than once.
Murozondy 3 months ago
Not a bad idea, so that a certain dust lord stops giving to cards 1 star without explaining why - even if he's not the guy mentioned by Vitamors, I want to clarify it.
Temmie 3 months ago
Example: FIRST SCREEN "RateAtIndexPage" https://imgur.com/a/k5omSeA - - - - - - - - - - - SECOND SCREEN "TellUsWhy" https://imgur.com/CJCCRA0 / ALTERNATE https://imgur.com/GZBJajx
DustenStein 3 months ago
@Temmie, Cards are already not getting a ton of votes. Preventing people from rating without commenting feels like it'd do less good than bad