N'Zoth's Last Mate - Custom Hearthstone Card

N'Zoth's Last Mate

9th June, 2020 ( AoO)

Made by Randomizer

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Marleon 3 years ago
It's a bit of a pun, but I would call it a Trusty Hook.

G e t i t ?
Cosmic14 3 years ago
The Innkeeper 3 years ago
I like the idea.
Randomizer (creator)3 years ago
An old friend is back, and he's ready to conquer the Battlegrounds like he conquered standard with his pirate crew. Trying to bring a weapon to Battlegrounds, the weapon loses Durability each attack like a normal weapon and will count towards your hero's victory damage at the end of combat. Great for popping shields, even if you don't keep the Mate around for long. Thoughts on balancing, I was wondering if I could bring this down a Tier.