Lich King Update! - Custom Hearthstone Card

Lich King Update!

24th June, 2020 ( AoO) ()

Made by Marleon

Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago (sticked)
Embrace the cold, Icecrown will be your frozen tomb, Demon Hunter.
Cosmic14 (3.9)1 year ago
Oh, yeah. You just said that. I seem to have a lot of these moments where i type without fully understanding others' comments.
Cosmic14 (3.9)1 year ago
You know, Platebreaker works on the Lich king. That's the only way I've been able to win so far.
Marleon (4.1) (creator)1 year ago
For a second I thought it also affected your Hero and it would be challange breaking like Platebreaker is for Warrior
Mega-Pixel 1 year ago
I wouldn't be worried about Dragonbreath since it only affects minions
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
"My power isn't so easily eclipsed"
King Kuba (4.1)2 years ago
@Marleon Nope, it works, I actually used it with Nomi before
And it's only for minions so your LK vs Demon Hunter is still working
trox 2 years ago
Why, tho ? As far as I know, they didn't ban the minion that allow you to steal your opponent weapon
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
And I guess Living Dragonbreath would be banned in a sense that it won't work
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Well, not every single one was super hard. Remember Priest?
King Kuba (4.1)2 years ago
Anyway, I feel like this won't be so hard to beat like Paladin or Shaman.
You can survive your early game using Outcasts, Lifesteal and tokens, then on turn 7 you use Chaos Nova + 2 mana 2 dmg AoE, In the late game you just mill with your big demons and other strong stuff until you play no duplicates stuff, Platebreaker, Chef Nomi and unfreezing 3/4 Elemental. gg ez
King Kuba (4.1)2 years ago
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Come to think of it, now all Lich King's Coldwraiths draw him a card
King Kuba (4.1)2 years ago
Rest in Pepperoni my Arthas skin
D17381 2 years ago
So which type of deck would you use? I can only think of the Big Demons one
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
Thank you~
Rizzla 2 years ago
Seems like the perfect challenge for the class. Challenging and forcing a different play style.
Marleon (4.1) (creator)2 years ago
We all remember the fight between Illidan and Arthas, so it would be really cool to see them battle in Hearthstone too during the mission.

I tried to come up with something that would be both flavorful and challenging for Demon Hunter, so I came up with Freezing them. What do you think?