Polluted Devilsaur - Custom Hearthstone Card

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Polluted Devilsaur

29th September, 2017 ( KOTFT) ()

Made by Penalty04

TheLocalWizard 5 years ago
Haha, imagine if it had taunt, and your opponent hit ur face with a spell that randomly gave it stealth which allowed him to hit face for lethal lol
Anonymous318 5 years ago
Cool concept. Not too excited about the ability also triggering during your opponents turn, since it triggers each time your hero is attacked. Having it trigger just during your turn would make this a cleaner synergy card with self damaging effects, similar to Floating Watcher.
DestroyerR 5 years ago
Love how you thought about the detail of adapting in opponent's turn, keep it up!
ChubyMcOld 5 years ago
My god this card would be so much fun I love it.
GeneralGrievous 5 years ago
I'd put it in my deck
Sans 5 years ago
I really love the art for this card.