Bowick Puddleberry - Custom Hearthstone Card

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Bowick Puddleberry

24th September, 2017 ( KOTFT) ()

Made by g4bz.exe

Marleon (4)2 years ago
Now with the second set of quests, this seems even cooler
Sagatario 4 years ago
If in Rogue, it might offer some sort of bounce too, like Shadowstep or one of the Brewmasters. This could make Quest Rogue powerful again, as it could continually bounce itself until quest complete, then discover a minion. Powerful, but I think it would a fun card.
Tostado 4 years ago
Artwork origin?
TheGronne 4 years ago
I think this is extremely great and can be a good "Filler" card. Since it's a filler card that does so much.
g4bz.exe (creator)4 years ago
It'd offer a minion from your hand. If you have no minions there, then from your deck. If you have no minions there too, it'd act like you didn't have a Quest (why would you make a minionless deck for that quest anyway).
MettL 4 years ago
So for Rogue Quest it will offer all minions you played the most (say your Quest is at 2, it will offer each minion you played twice) and if you haven't played any minion in Rogue, it will offer itself as the only option?
g4bz.exe (creator)4 years ago
If you have a Priest Quest, it'll discover a card with Deathrattle. If you have a Hunter Quest, it'll discover a 1-Cost minion. If you have a Shaman Quest, it'll discover a murloc. And so forth.