Azerus, Primal Prince - Custom Hearthstone Card

Azerus, Primal Prince

24th November, 2019 ( ULDUM+)

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twilightsoul 3 years ago
In my opinion, Ignan should deal 2 damage, since all the effects are a third of the original
Stevethebarbarian 3 years ago
"By Brode" literally.
I personally can't give this a particularly high score just because dealing 1 to all enemies for 2 mana is too good for this requirement.
DragonicDoom 3 years ago
Holy moly! I mean I like this card but by Brode I didn't expect to see it 4.4 stars! Well done!
Calphricham 3 years ago
DragonicDoom 3 years ago
Simple, but not too strong. I like it!