Book of Horrors - Custom Hearthstone Card

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Book of Horrors

14th October, 2020 ( SCH) ()

Nylon 1 year ago
I don't see why the buffing needs to stop after summoning C'thun. Would also make it less wordy.
Cosmic14 (4)1 year ago
DustenStein (4.1)1 year ago
@Marleon. This is the perfect year of the decade: bringing back C'Thun in 2020 as 20/20
Murghlinwall (3.9)1 year ago
yeah but its priest hero power
suchti0352 1 year ago
don't loose much? You loose: 1 Card slot, 3 Mana and more importantly your Hero Power
Deloa 1 year ago
I guess you don't lose much by putting this into your deck, but 3 Mana then 2 to buff C'thun might be a bit weak.
Marleon (4)1 year ago
Imagine bringing back C'Thun in 2020