The Immortal Flame - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Immortal Flame

27th July, 2019 (RR)

Made by littlemrdoom

Poondaedalin (4)1 year ago
So, a quick question: If you had two of these on board, couldn’t you keep them both alive infinitely by cycling attacks between the two? Cool card either way.
HastyRagnaros 1 year ago
this + copy minion + on the same board = VALUE
littlemrdoom (creator)2 years ago
thank you for the kind words.
Auron2000 2 years ago
Strong card in the right deck, I really like it tbh! Also very flavorful, 5/5
DestroyerR (4)2 years ago
Pretty neat flavor for Reborn keyword which could be very strong in the right deck. I like it!
littlemrdoom (creator)2 years ago
what do you guys think?