Witchcraft - Custom Hearthstone Card


10th July, 2020 (RR)

Made by petebar

keyvnn9 2 years ago
I think in line with the Fungal Fortunes change this could be 3 mana but in line with Fungal Fortunes and Shaman it could in theory be 2.
This would be a powerhouse at 2, which before I would say is fine in the current state of the game, but after lots of the complete powerhouses got nerfed (even those that werent necessarily oppressive in the current meta), it seems like Blizzard is (thankfully) moving away from the philosophy of “Anything can be arbitrarily powerful if the deck isn’t tier 1.”
DreMZ 2 years ago
I think a more pressing issue with this is that it can discover itself.
Thestalost (4)2 years ago
I would stay (3) Mana would better fit the card's balance.
Deloa 2 years ago
It's in line with Font of Power and Omega Assembly, which are very strong cards in the right deck, but Shaman could use more tools.
SMILE 2 years ago
discovering a spell for 2 is very bad, but getting 3 of them for 2 is op af
petebar (creator)2 years ago
That's a strong card, i know. But Shaman really needs some good stuff to regain its strengh. Thoughts ?