Vanessa Vancleef - Custom Hearthstone Card

Vanessa Vancleef

10th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by Nichodemons

TheGronne 2 years ago
I like it
HeyBuddyChum 2 years ago
The father daughter combo
TavernsOfTime 2 years ago
this card would be to op 2 ever be printed mabey once stonebusk boar leaves
Turba 2 years ago
8 mana 4 card 18 dmg combo....
SirCat 2 years ago
Stonetusk Boar > Cold Blood > Cold Blood > This > The boar again = really good finisher.
springo 2 years ago
it is actually grossly under powered. 2 mana 3/2 maybe?
Deloa 2 years ago
I would give it better stats. As it is, there isn't a big enough reason to use it over Pandas.