Alvisa, High Exemplar - Custom Hearthstone Card

Alvisa, High Exemplar

27th August, 2020 (RR)

Kosmyc (3.5)10 months ago
This should replace the hero power imo
Cosmic14 (4)10 months ago
@D17381 is right. Baku's a start of game eff... Wait. Because of the wording of Alvisa, it would work with baku. Although, good luck getting a odd-cost deck of spells in paladin with Alvisa and Baku.
D17381 10 months ago
I mean, I would assume that the heropower would change, so it cant be upgraded right?
Kosmyc (3.5)10 months ago
The problem with this is

A. Since this a minion, it has anti-synergy with any future "no-minion paladin" synergy card.

B. This is a pretty dumb combo to pull off, but Baku + This as the only minions means two free (essentially 3-4 drops) bodies a turn.
DustenStein (4.1)10 months ago
Can't you just make the discovered statlines pre-fixed? As in the options being: " a 2/2" "a 3/1" or "a 1/3" The deathrattle feels also very random. I'd suggest just making it the keyword and stats.