Unidentified Button - Custom Hearthstone Card

Unidentified Button

18th October, 2020 (RR)

Made by Goldenxray ()

Gokee 9 months ago
Love the photoshop on display here.
Poondaedalin (4)9 months ago
It has some design flaws, but it's still an awesome card in its own right. It just needs some fine-tuning.
Goldenxray (creator)9 months ago
Yeah realized repeat button was too strong a little too late, and I realize that I've stretched warrior identity with some of the others. Twinspell would be a clever fix for warrior
petebar (4.1)9 months ago
I agree with @Marleon. A clever remake with ideas related to Warrior could lead this to the top rated cards list.
Marleon (4)9 months ago
I don't really like it. Goes against class identity of Warrior. I know it is Mech related and that's clever, but Warrior shouldn't have the option to Silence and Freeze. Repeat is way too strong and Settings doesn't make much sense. I mean, why would you set the attack to 2 if you're intending to kill the minion with the 3 damage anyway? And why 2 and not 1 anyway? Kinda clever, but poorly designed
Loxeres 9 months ago
Card of the year here. This is just brilliant...

But as the others said you should change the Repeat Button. It highly overpowers the other buttons.Why would you have to freeze or weaken a minion, when you can just kill it. You could make it a stronger cleave "Deal 3 damage to a minion and repeat for another enemy minion."
Nichodemons (4)9 months ago
Repeat button could just have been giving it Twinspell
suchti0352 9 months ago
The repeat Button is too strong compared to the others.