Bounty Hunter Wu - Custom Hearthstone Card

Bounty Hunter Wu

7th August, 2020 (RR)

Made by Turba

Turba (creator)11 months ago
It works during your opponent's turn and it can target heroes. Hero has bonus Attack of a weapon during their turn. That means it could be harder for some heroes to trade with weapons/attack buffs, but all they need to avoid that is a higher attack minion.
Cosmic14 (4)11 months ago
I'd work for the highest attack enemy, consantly. Minion or hero, they take double damage.
Weapons would probably only count when "active".
Marleon (4)11 months ago
Hm. Does it work with weapons on the opponent's turn?
Turba (creator)11 months ago
"A Magma Rager?! Do you really need me for that?!"