Dirty Deeds - Custom Hearthstone Card

Dirty Deeds

9th December, 2019 (RR)

King Kuba (4)1 year ago
Done Dirt Cheap
Quantum 1 year ago
D4C, but it's D2 instead
Kapiork 1 year ago
Ta da!
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
oooh okay
Deloa 1 year ago
@Gothe: the cost is not reduced based on how many of these you play. You always have to wait two turn for the copies to cost 1.
Gothe (4.2)1 year ago
so you play this once and the next copy costs (1), then you play that and all subsequent copies cost (0)? That's just infinite really good and cheap combo enabler
ADankHeadHunter 1 year ago
*Filthy acts at a reasonable price intensifies*