Arthas Menethil - Custom Hearthstone Card

Arthas Menethil

20th January, 2020 (RR)

Made by SheepWithPants ()

Marleon (4)1 year ago
I llike it, but I have issues with balance, as the Rush minion is quite good, but the Taunt one not so much and drawing cards is probably the best option. I get that you adapt it to your situation, but most of the 1 mana options are quite laughable, like basically bundling Iron Hide and Goldshire Footman. For 1 mana I think only the Ruthless and Cunning option are actually good. Cunning is probably the best option is most situations. [I don't mean it as a change to the card, but more so a cool idea. I think it would kinda interesting to swap the Hero Powers around. So the 1 mana gets the strongest Hero Power, so he gets at least some value and that would make the 1 mana option very good on Tempo, as it would be a strong upgrade to your Hero Power and it balance the power level with 10 cost one, as it would have the weakest Hero Power, but the strongest battlecry. Most of the Death Knights were played because of a really strong Hero Power, so giving both the strongest Battlecry and Hero power to the 10 cost is a bit of a overkill. The Death Knight Hero power would make the Skeletal Hero much better to play on Tempo and making it a much more considerable choice.]
PROI 1 year ago
Okay, I do not know where to start with this card. It is a very cool concept and you have clearly put a lot of consideration into this. And overall the powers all seem well balanced for their respective costs. Pretty insane with double battlecry since you could craft a 1/5 mana hero and also a 10 mana one for later.