Gryphon of Paradise - Custom Hearthstone Card

Gryphon of Paradise

21st May, 2022 (RR)

Made by Gosha305

Nekkro (4.2)1 month ago
You need to put "After this attacks and survives" to trigger that effect.
But I like it like this.
I really dig for Rush as an equivalent of Flyng, is has absolutelly nothing to do with it, but it feels nice to me. :qWOW:
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
Yeah, "After" always triggers after the attack, even if the attacker took fatal damage. It's a common misconception :bob:
Gosha305 (4.3) (creator)1 month ago
What, really? I was certain that was the only reason they put "whenever" on Escaped Manasaber :chicken:
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
I find the art a bit confusing to look at but I like it
DustenStein (4.2)1 month ago
*After doesn't mean it has to survive*
Gosha305 (4.3) (creator)1 month ago
I'm kinda surprised there are so few similar cards.
Also, should it be "whenever" so that it doesn't have to survive to give you Mana?
Gosha305 (4.3) (creator)1 month ago
An attempt to reference Bird of Paradise from MTG.