Supply Line Hustler - Custom Hearthstone Card

Supply Line Hustler

24th June, 2022 (RR)

Made by Overt_Cinnamon

DustenStein (4.2)1 day ago
or just "left-most or right-most card, or top card of their deck"
DustenStein (4.2)1 day ago
That's obviously what was intended yeah. You'd have to write "left-most or right-most card from their hand or the top card of their deck"
Murozondy (4.1)1 day ago
I understood it right and left of the hand and only the top card belongs to the deck. I could be wrong but if it were from the deck it wouldn't make sense right? :jaraxxus-thinking: :tinyfin:
DustenStein (4.2)1 day ago
left-most card of their deck?
Murozondy (4.1)1 day ago
Overt_Cinnamon (4) (creator)1 day ago
"We got stuff they've been saving, stuff that's just come in, and stuff they ain't even seen yet!"

Art by Chris Seaman -