Jack, High Roller - Custom Hearthstone Card

Jack, High Roller

4th October, 2020 (RR)

Loxeres 9 months ago
@Raphael Yup. I don't see a problem with a 3 mana 3/3 that draws 4 cards without a requirement. None. None at all... /s
Raphael (3.7)9 months ago
Stats and its effect are fair enough, but the cost of 7 mana is too much for both warlock and rouge. making this 4~5 mana, or even 3 mana could make this playable even with lowered stats
Deloa 9 months ago
In Rogue, the combined cost of the 4 card drawn will almost never reach 21, but I'm not sure Rogue wants to run a 7 Mana 7/7.
sense124 9 months ago
I like the challenge of making a deck that makes this card worth putting
DustenStein (4.1)9 months ago
I feel like "in your hand" can be left out. Also this is basically a 7/7 Sprint with a big downside. I'm not sure about the balance on this one, guys. I think it's too weak for Warlock and to slow for Rogue. Running big cards like this is good in slower decks but that has anti-synergy with his Battlecry. Putting this into a faster deck where the cards are usually cheaper, you won't be able to get this out until you either won or lost the game.
Cosmic14 (4)9 months ago
Cards drawn. Wording could use some refinement.
Deloa 9 months ago
The combined cost of the card in your hand or the combined cost of the card drawn ?