Goldscale Fish - Custom Hearthstone Card

Goldscale Fish

2nd October, 2020 (RR)

Made by petebar

Ymer 9 months ago
Wait Goody Two Shields is 3 mana?
quakins 9 months ago
I think it depends on the other support for the archetype
Poondaedalin (4)9 months ago
True, but Goody Two-Shields is clearly overtuned. A better comparison could be with Lightfused Stegodon. It synergizes with a specific set of Paladin minions, and gives you a massive advantage if you're able to take advantage of it properly.
petebar (4.1) (creator)9 months ago
@Ymer This is nothing comparing it to Goody Two Shields so it is totally fine.
Ymer 9 months ago
A 3 mana 3/2 with Divine Shield is already good, especially for Paladin. Beast paly also seems kinda weird. Paladins are not usually seen with pets so... yea.
petebar (4.1) (creator)9 months ago
Beast Paladin! We've already seen 2 (Sandwasp Queen and Salhet's Pride). While this card seems strong, it has to be because that's what u gotta do when starting a new mechanic with very few cards supporting it. I'll be uploading more cards, i'm making a custom Halloween set btw. Thoughts?