Brawl: Deckthinning - Custom Hearthstone Card

Brawl: Deckthinning

13th October, 2020 (RR)

Made by keyvnn9

BasketCase752 9 months ago
@k1ll3rm0mJr You would be dead by then if you have to wait a turn
k1ll3rm0mJr 9 months ago
Wait 2 turns, Bloom Bloom Innervate Innervate Coin Mechathun and hope they don't have polymorph
Gothe (4.2)9 months ago
as many 0 cost minions as i can put in
Kapiork 9 months ago
Pogo Hopper x2
Lab Recruiter x2
Gang Up
D17381 9 months ago
@CapitalistToast Well, you dont start on 10 mana
CapitalistToast 9 months ago
BasketCase752 9 months ago
Espionage comes out on turn 4, you'd be dead by then
Cosmic14 (4)9 months ago
Wait, I'm stupid again.
Cosmic14 (4)9 months ago
Acedemic Espionage.
BasketCase752 9 months ago
Bloom x2
Naturalize x2
Coldlight Oracle
Anonymous318 9 months ago
Innervate x2
Lightning Bloom x2
Chef Nomi
keyvnn9 (3.9) (creator)9 months ago
This should be possible with the gallery’s deck creator I think?

Hint: Building a deck with 5 “Start of Game: Draw this” cards isn’t ideal strategy