Strongfin - Custom Hearthstone Card


13th October, 2021 (RR)

Made by Kingforever

Kingforever (4) (creator)6 days ago
@Stevethebarbarian, huh, it's quite hard to evaluate. Maybe it's just strong, but not enough to be put into every deck as you said.
Kingforever (4) (creator)6 days ago
@Poondaedalin, agreed; if this feels too strong, would it be better to remake it as a 3/3 or 2/4?
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)6 days ago
2/3/4 Taunt with no condition would be very very strong and certainly run in Paladin and Shaman obviously, but probably not even the best card in the decks that run it. With this condition, it's not bad or anything, but I certainly wouldn't call it nuts.
Poondaedalin (4)6 days ago
A 3/4 with Taunt is pretty nuts. I could see this seeing play even if you weren't running Murlocs, in a similar fashion as Ironbark Ancient. However, as with Ironbark Ancient, this quickly becomes nuts with cards that trigger its condition easily, and Murlocs are known for bringing their friends with them, so that shouldn't be a problem.
Kingforever (4) (creator)6 days ago
Can help you protect your board of Murlocs. Thoughts?