Screeching Harpy - Custom Hearthstone Card

Screeching Harpy

10th September, 2019 (RR)

Made by Iouxyl

i_dont_like_hearthca 1 year ago
not playable.
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 year ago
More on the balance, though: I don’t think this would see play because most Quest decks have the ability to completely shut down their opponent’s boards over and over (Druid), just that it is at a fine place in terms of power
keyvnn9 (3.9)1 year ago
@TheArcanist @Firebat did a Deck Doctor on uber- :smorc: and showed that it just can’t really win against most decks in the current format, especially because of Zilliax (or really any Taunt or Heal)
@Tale Teller Weapons would be completely uninteractive and one-sided if not for Oozes. The thing about tech cards is that, if one archetype becomes degenerate, then people have counterplay. I think it’s healthy.
I think this idea is probably fine and balanced.
Tale Teller 1 year ago
I personally HATE the way Hearthstone has designed most tech card; like, for eksample, look at weapons and weapon removal... yeah, it just sucks, some weapons are really good, but suck when your opponent can just waste your whole turn by playing a 3/2 minion for 2.

I hate stupid tech. And while this is not as destructive, it's not that interesting either. Just really doesn't fit the game I think
TheArcanist (4.3)1 year ago
This could easily end up being unhealthy. Quest decks are rarely aggressive decks and aggro is usually the way to deal with value-oriented quest decks. This could help uber-aggro players destroy questers even more easily.
Iouxyl (4) (creator)1 year ago
Heartstone has many tech cards that punish certain playstyles, so this could be tech card against Quests.
Tale Teller 1 year ago
Agreeing with Marleon here, kinda just punishes quest play...
Marleon (4)1 year ago
Having profits because of your quest seems cool, but punishing the opponent, because they have a quest isn't too healthy imo
Thestalost 1 year ago
I think it's fair to assume that this would be balance to target any character with the Battlecry
Iouxyl (4) (creator)1 year ago
Might fit into Quest Priest.