Voodoo Dude - Custom Hearthstone Card

Voodoo Dude

18th May, 2019 (RR)

Made by Ymer

Ymer (creator)10 months ago
He's my favorite skylander xD
HastyRagnaros 1 year ago
Flame_Crzer 2 years ago
just make it discover a battlecry minion then you can only get shudder woks but that just makes going infinite more accessible to free to plays
Flame_Crzer 2 years ago
to scary. play only spells and malegos. then two 1 mana malegos and 8 mana of spells. OOFT and you can play witchwood piper and not even remove the chance of getting malegos as its discover with a 100% chance to draw this. not a fun deck to play against and works in mage shamen and druid without any issues.