Shade of Battle - Custom Hearthstone Card

Shade of Battle

23rd June, 2022 (RR)

Made by DatBoi ()

DatBoi (creator)2 days ago
New Phyrexia is obviously not a Standard Set, so no Demon Seeds for y'all.
DatBoi (creator)2 days ago
Let's ban that quest already... Oh, wait, it already is banned!
FriendlyShadow (4.2)2 days ago
Questline Aggro Warlock be like :illidon:
DatBoi (creator)2 days ago
DatBoi (creator)2 days ago
1 Health to 2 is a big jump. It's also tribeless.

Ah, and it's 2 not 3 because I thought this starting from the phyrexian symbol :woodenReno:
Murozondy (4.1)2 days ago
Flame Imp: :bob:
This is a little worse because it dies from the HP of the mage and the DH, but it doesn't convince me very much.
I don't know if it could exist, probably yes, actually.
DatBoi (creator)2 days ago
Compleation awaits...