Heroic Duel! - Custom Hearthstone Card

Heroic Duel!

21st January, 2021 (RR)

Made by Gody322

Gody322 (3.7) (creator)6 months ago
@Turba I chose to make the token an 8/8 so that it could compete with other legendries and not just be wasted. I didn't want budget or new players to feel like they are being punished for not having legendries in their deck. I felt making it an 8/8 also meant if you opened this card as a player who owned no legendries you could still use it if you wanted. I understand what you mean this is just my opinion and the way I decided to design the card. :)
Turba 6 months ago
I think the Legendary minion is a cool addition, but i think 8/8 is way too much. If you were to use Heroic Duel in a deck the idea whould be to put a bunch of high stat Legendaries there (as any low stat legendaries will most likely die during the fight part and therefore wouldnt use their non-Deathrattle effects.) and those lategame high stat legendaries happen to have stats of around 8/8. Even Tirion is a 6/6. That is why i think the Legendary Token could be somewhere in between a 4/4 and a 6/6. So that decks built around high Cost Legendaries win the Heroic Duel against decks with no Legendaries.
Ymer 6 months ago
Who would win:
The Virgin Zephrys
The Chad Stunt Double
Sofalax 6 months ago
Can it in!
Gody322 (3.7) (creator)6 months ago
Credit to @ThiccMurlocc for inspiring me with their version of Heroic Duel. :)
Gody322 (3.7) (creator)6 months ago
Thanks. I was going to make it a Cosplayer but I decided to go with Stunt Double instead.

The Stunt Double art is by Konstantin Turovec. :)
Gothe (4.2)6 months ago
I like how the stunt double sorta looks like a discount Tirion with his Ashbringer.
Gody322 (3.7) (creator)6 months ago
Thanks. :)
acidcroc 6 months ago
Cool card.
Gody322 (3.7) (creator)6 months ago
Credit to @ThiccMurlocc for designing this card a while back. This is my version with one big change, the addition of the Stunt Double. I loved the idea but didn't like how it punished players who didn't have Legendries. :)