Tornado of Souls - Custom Hearthstone Card

Tornado of Souls

25th February, 2021 (RR)

Made by TheArcanist

TheArcanist (4.3) (creator)5 months ago
@Caesar YES! Someone got my crappy reference!
Kapiork 5 months ago
More like "Soulnado"
Caesar (4)5 months ago
Omg is this from Megadeth?
That aside, the card feels balanced, I'm just afraid that warlock already has sooo much removal this might take it overboard, but with dark skies going (yeah I'm ignoring wild here like blizzard does xD) it might be fine, nice one :finleySmile:
TheArcanist (4.3) (creator)5 months ago
Shuffling Soul Fragments is a pretty big condition. You need to draw the shufflers and not draw the fragments later. And since the only Soul Fragment synergy card Warlock runs right now is Malicia, this has antisynergy with her. I think it is balanced.
Mzop (3.9)5 months ago
a cataclysm with no effect on your hand? i being a sould fragment warlock, think this is very strong. its very easy to clog up a bunch of crystals, but maybe cuz this destroyes them, i will have anti synergy with Malicia, a vital aspect of that deck. So over all, this is balanced, a bit on the strong side but good.
TheArcanist (4.3) (creator)5 months ago
Just a metal song reference, wonder if anyone will get it. Stops casting when you're out of Soul Fragments or there are no enemy minions. Thoughts?