Captain Ripflesh - Custom Hearthstone Card

Captain Ripflesh

28th January, 2021 (RR)

Made by JacySteak

CreatorofPillowFight 5 months ago
nO YoU'rE pOwErCrEePiNg BiG oL' wHeLp!!!!!
BaLaNcE 1 sTaR!!!
Seriously tho, maybe cost 6? Also, it could just say "If it's not a minion or it's a pirate, play it."
Lucious (4)6 months ago
Neither should "weapon" btw.
Stevethebarbarian (3.8)6 months ago
Also "spell" shouldn't be capitalized.
Turba 6 months ago
If it is a spell, cast it...
Besides that thiis seems cool. Especially that you used an actual Warcraft character.
Gokee 6 months ago
And if it's a hero, go home and rethink your life.