Millhouse, Marketing Master - Custom Hearthstone Card

Millhouse, Marketing Master

6th August, 2022 (RR)

Made by MosnarNoedig

Will Nash 1 year ago
Slightly rough around the edges but great idea. Really captures the whackier side of classic Hearthstone while still adding an interesting card to the game. I'd give six stars if I could. Maybe play around with the wording a bit and make sure the name matches the card text. É.g. Budget Pyroblasts
MosnarNoedig (creator)1 year ago
The quotes would make sense if it was "Millhouse, Shady Vendor" or some such, but the all-caps is more attuned to the bombastic, showy tone I'm trying to strike.
MosnarNoedig (creator)1 year ago
Millhouse is hyping them up in his own text - he doesn't want to cast any doubt on his product.
Kapiork (3.9)1 year ago
I agree with Spacetime
Spacetime0419 1 year ago
Interesting but the naming should be changed imo. I would have gone with add 3 “Devastating” pyro blasts to your hand, and named the spells as such.
MosnarNoedig (creator)1 year ago