Web of Lies - Custom Hearthstone Card

Web of Lies

2nd February, 2019 (RR)

Made by Lucious

Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
@DarkCalinou That's actually a pretty good idea. Who knows, I might remake it like that after another 6 months :)
DarkCalinou 2 years ago
So many stars in the comments
Hey Lucious ! Hey gothe ! Hey Winbow !
Sorry Petebar didn't have the occasion to talk to you yet
Good card tho 4 ★

Maybe that could be 4 mana and give the spider Rush so it's less of an easy removal and you can still use it on some crap minion
Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
@Gothe About half a year ago, I stopped playing Hearthstone for a while (left before Boomsday, came back just before Rastakhan) and removed all my cards from my Gallery. Now I'm trying to remake some of those that I think are interesting and worth a second shot (I didn't want to bother Nikko with adding my name on them, there were about 20 different cards or so.)
Gothe (4.2)2 years ago
i'm just curious on why you wanted to remake this card. This and the other version look identical except for the art.
Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
@Cosmic14 I created the other version too waaaay back. I thought I might remake it because I really liked the card.
Cosmic14 (4)2 years ago
Look up "Web of Lies". you'll find 2 cards that look alike.
Winbow 2 years ago
The problem is the transform effect. The card is really op and not very healthy for Druid.
petebar (4.1)2 years ago
Me like.
Lucious (4) (creator)2 years ago
2nd version (now epic, not common). Thoughts?