Little Death - Custom Hearthstone Card

Little Death

12th September, 2018 (TBP)

Made by SirCat

Jdude60 2 years ago
Dracula should hire Little Death someday, I've heard that Death is a stage hazard
SirCat (creator)2 years ago
Comboing this with a Taunt minion that has Poisonous or Divine Shield is probably the most powerful way of using this card.
OmenOfWrath 2 years ago
Such a great card. I LOVE it. 5/5 from design perspective. Now as for balance it might be kinda weak and maybe it would feel off to get this as a f2p. Still awesome tho!
SirCat (creator)2 years ago
Everything is exactly the same as normal except for the card name, text, art, rarity and play sound being hidden. You can still target it and animations still just look the same.
Rino 2 years ago
I really like! Question tho, lets say your minion has an effect that interacts with the board somehow, your opponent can't see the minion, but it would give it away correct? Also does this count as Elusive?
SirCat (creator)2 years ago
Yes. It is an effect that can only effect minions next to this guy and no other ones. Works the same as Flametongue Totem
Cooler39140 2 years ago
Pretty unique idea, basically turning minions into some form of Secrets. I wonder, though... what if you play a minion between Little Death and a minion that is already a Tombstone? Will that minion be revealed?
Qubit 2 years ago
SirCat (creator)2 years ago
When you play a minion next to this one, your opponent will also just see the Tombstone.
The Graves can still just attack and be targeted as normal.