The Silencer - Custom Hearthstone Card

The Silencer

13th October, 2021 (RR)

Made by Serpster

Serpster (creator)3 days ago
I made it not a battlecry because your hand can be completely filled with cards that are useless when they are not silenced before you can even play it.
Kosmyc (3.5)5 days ago
Ok, Lady Prestor in Silence Priest is low key insane, not only do you turn your low mana big bodies into functional bodies, they can ALSO be silenced for EVEN BIGGER BODIES!

oh yeah this card exists, should be a battlecry I guess.
suchti0352 5 days ago
Would also lead to very boring gameplay if you just play big minions without any effects
Wishful 5 days ago
Ah, that's why it's kinda simple lol.
Burgermaker 5 days ago
Regarding a name, this is a character from DotA.
Wishful 5 days ago
I agree with the name needing a serious overhaul since it is quite "bland." Other then that, this effect, if I can be honest, I can see working out if it had a more severe Start of Game Condition. A great card that shows what a reward of a Start of Game effect should be is Beneticus, so I would just have to say that this is 1/5 for the simple fact that this needs a bit more than what we have right here.

To add, maybe a god condition is limiting spells because you are silencing minions?
Spacetime0419 5 days ago
Seems way too overpowered with the minions this obviously goes with (listed below). And if I am being brutally honest, I despise the name.
JC1234TheToonist 5 days ago
Ancient Watcher, Humongous Razorleaf, Package Runner, Bittertide Hydra, Fel Reaver, Quartz Elemental, Supreme Elemental. These guys are going to be much more of a threat with this guy in the meta.