Duzz, The Vainglory - Custom Hearthstone Card

Duzz, The Vainglory

23rd June, 2022 (RR)

Made by ketysk

Kosmyc (3.9)16 hours ago
Basically, beFORE you play this card, you have to have attack that beats both the attack and the health of each minion on board (for 3 mana), then it's a conditional reno. The hero power is flat out bad and also reused artwork.

Constructively speaking, this card is garbage both from power level and from flavor. Goblins are anything but courageous and smashy.
CakeIsGood (3.9)1 day ago
calm down dont be toxic
we mostly like constructive feedback here :rainbow:
HolyBrandon 1 day ago
HolyBrandon 1 day ago
This card is bad AF.

You play it you die.

They get any demon that has big stats you lose.

Pay 7 to give your opponent 30.



Lifesteal it don't matter, you will die attacking em' anyways.

This card is sh*t
Murozondy (4.1)2 days ago
Also, it should be "Gain Lifesteal for 1 turn..." otherwise you will have it forever :tinyfin:
Murozondy (4.1)2 days ago
I mean, does this only work if you have a weapon already equipped or if you did the HP of illidan before playing this one? :thinking:
Without Attack the Lifesteal is useless, and even with 1 Attack it is. HP needs "Hero Power" and may cost 1 :-