Zmeyagos, Life's Judge - Custom Hearthstone Card

Zmeyagos, Life's Judge

23rd June, 2022 (RR)

Made by JacySteak

JacySteak (4.2) (creator)2 days ago
Keeping your idea version on another tab for the meantime :o)
Murozondy (4.1)2 days ago
No, wait for other ideas from other users, Don't trust my judgment, wait for other opinions before redoing this card :)
JacySteak (4.2) (creator)2 days ago
Gonna make some adjustments, also never noticed the naming conventions of the Dragon aspects :o0, thank you for this information
Murozondy (4.1)2 days ago
It seems a little too expensive for this effect, and the stats don't really reflect the danger of this effect.
Maybe 6-7 mana 6/6-7/7 or something? :thinking: idk
it's unlikely you'll use this on a friendly minion, so you might as well just do "Battlecry: Restore an enemy minion to full...", but the latter is just a detail.

(Another detail about the flavor, the names of the Dragons have quite precise roots in wow, not always, but some endings are specific to some flocks of dragons and not to others. Examples:

Red Dragonflight, names often end in -straz for males and -strazsa for females -> Alexstrazsa, and her consort Korialstraz.

Bronze Dragonflight, males -ormu,
females -ormi.

Blue Dragonflight, -gos for males, -gosa for females, such as Kalecgos, Malygos, Tarecgosa etc.

All this just to say that this dragon, which has the name ending in "-gos", seems to belong to the Blue Dragonflight and not the Red Dragonflight :)
JacySteak (4.2) (creator)2 days ago
"Alexstrasza may be merciful towards your being, but your existence claims you... Guilty."