Illidari Spiritseeker - Custom Hearthstone Card

Illidari Spiritseeker

15th January, 2022 (RR)

Made by Murozondy

Murozondy (4.1) (creator)5 days ago
Unfortunately this has already entered the Gallery, so I don't feel like doing it again, but thank you!
Yes, the DH should have more aggressive stats :)
TheArcanist (4.2)5 days ago
Probably just less Health, or give it a more aggressive statline more suited for DH, like a 4/2.
Murozondy (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
Well, it doesn't discount cards directly.
Cards must be in Outcast in order to use the discount.
Let's say it helps the far right and far left cards of the hand a lot when you play it.
How would you do it? :)
TheArcanist (4.2)6 days ago
That is a lot of potential discount for a premium-statted minion.
Murozondy (4.1) (creator)6 days ago
"But where the heck is he ?! HEY, YOU! Did you see a spirit around here?"