Old Scrapbot - Custom Hearthstone Card

Old Scrapbot

3rd July, 2019 (RR)

Made by geneticmodifiedmurlo

Wiener_Schnitzel 2 years ago
Yes, I would use "a different minion" as a wording if this was meant to exclude all Scrapbots.
DestroyerR (4)2 years ago
@Quantum that would be inconsistent with current wording, as normally “another” means “only excluding this minion”
Quantum 2 years ago
Maybe it was meant for "another" Mech = Mech, which isn't an Old Scrapbot?
Arschgesicht 2 years ago
Win more
Cosmic14 (4)2 years ago
If magnetic upgrades carry over from Reborn, this is dead scary (for your opponant)
Sallomon 2 years ago
Well... This can be infinite with two of these :jaraxxus-thinking: