King Genn of Gilneas - Custom Hearthstone Card

King Genn of Gilneas

21st April, 2019 (RR)

Made by Shieldmaiden

GivePatchesCharge 1 year ago
Still remember when this was on top of the gallery :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW:
GivePatchesCharge 2 years ago
HastyRagnaros 3 years ago
this beat brode.
Crinja_The_Ninja 3 years ago
:qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :qnikkoWOW: :wow:
DestroyerR 3 years ago
5 stars, good concept and execution!
IamAnoob 3 years ago
So this would apply to all minions friendly and enemy
Calphricham 3 years ago
I didn't really read this but I love worgens so 5/5.
DragonicDoom 3 years ago
Awesome spin on the Worgen card mechanic! Would definitely see play. 5 Stars
Paranoia 3 years ago
Very powerful card but not OP, also well designed thematically. 5/5
Majoroyalty 3 years ago
A really unique and fun mechanic, could see fit in all sorts of decks!
Shieldmaiden (creator)3 years ago
I don't know if it should be just your battlecry and deathrattles or your opponent's as well. Also, Genn is quite a notable character and I think he deserves a better card than what he got in Witchwood.