Lunus - Custom Hearthstone Card


12th June, 2018 (WW)

Made by Anonymous318

Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
Meant @Malvenius. Now I'm talking to myself
Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
@Anonymous318 Suggested this in my most recent comment. Totally agree. ^_^
Malvenius 5 years ago
Perhaps add the "this turn" condition like the taverns of time priest card?
iceycle2 5 years ago
Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
Hmm seeems I might have overlooked certain broken OTKs and interactions.

Here's what I would change given the opportunity. I would either make this more expensive, or change the effect such that it only has Echo this turn. You would thus need to play a card to trigger the Combo, plus Lunus himself. It also would be less overpowered with Shadowstep.
Flipombe 5 years ago
Yeah Loki is right, cool concept, but currently way to OP
Loki 5 years ago
So against druid you will get Naturalize almost for sure. Make your opponent draw 10 cards. With shadowstep its 10 more. Arcane Missiles is 15dmg spread. Claw is 10dmg + 10 armor, earthen scales are also sick, soulfire, upgrade, coldBlood, Blessing of might, this card with shadowstep can be win condition by itself
Thorgaaz 5 years ago
Guys honestly dark peddlers effect is way weaker. Giving it echo is powerful. Besides i never disliked the Card. I yust think its too all time strong as it is.
3 mana Combo is easy to reach. and the spell you get even with the examples you Show can win the game. All of that for giving up what, one toughness Point? That is powerful.
suchti0352 5 years ago
i dont play wild but i hate Jade Idol so much.Anyway the card looks pretty powerful
Girmaqua 5 years ago
Jade idol ^^ Really cool card, it can easy take place in every rogue deck !
Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
Dark Peddler had a comparable effect as a Battlecry.
Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
Just because a card is an auto-include does not mean it's too powerful. How would it be an auto-include in the first place?
Thorgaaz 5 years ago
Awesome idea, Awesome Picture, but way too powerful. I would Play her in every deck and that means she shouldnt be real.
Anonymous318 (creator)5 years ago
Last one isn't the same as anything. Fortunately.

Made this to take advantage of the fact that many Echo cards are simply 1-Cost cards that cost (1) more.