Captain Grayson - Custom Hearthstone Card

Captain Grayson

26th November, 2018 (TBP+)

Made by Edwin Vancleef

Cocoduf 2 years ago
very flavorful
Loki 2 years ago
Actually its pretty balanced if you think about it.

Open Ocean makes it 4-4, so its 6-mana 4-4 unnerfed murloc warleader for pirates. Which is not bad if you have some pirates.

Den is like storm (i would honestly make it just 3dmg, coz its really shaman theme and not a pleasurable one), maybe it could be changed a bit tho. Like 1 damage for each pirate to all enemies or whatever. Should be a bit stronger

Cove is fine, but somehow reminds me Spider ball. Too many weak pirates for turn 6.

And Misty on paper is ok, two dwellers by themselves cost about 6-mana, and here is additional 2-3 body.

So idea is you usually will play it for Ocean or Den as finisher, and sometimes Misty to protect yourself against aggro and Cove in the most desperate situations.

Looks almost perfectly balanced to me
Gokee 2 years ago
Very cool, but a 6 mana 2/3 though?